The company was established in 1995, at which time we specialized in painting and decorating. Over the last 20 years development of the company has been undiminished. In 1999 we expanded our scope of activities to include masonry and bricklaying. To satisfy clients’ demands, the company then broadened its range of business to cover all aspects of general construction work, increasing the choice of services that could be offered to prospective clients.  Completed work is recognized for meeting high professional standards. Since 1999 we have been working with our own team of employees.

Managing director János Attila Csüllög is responsible for the running and organization of the company.

Primary features of our company are dynamism and flexibility.  We are always accessible for our clients, and this attitude has helped us earn a good name among our customers, who feel free to turn to us with any question they have.

For our clients, it is extremely important that we keep the deadlines we have set, that our work meets the clients’ aesthetic expectations, and that they are satisfied with the cleanliness and tidiness of the site during and after the completion of work. We are able to meet these requirements perfectly, since we have all our own machinery and equipment, and our expert workers are flexible and experienced. Since 2010 we employ on average of 12 permanent workers, and add to the team as is required. We regularly renew and improve our equipment and machinery, which includes small trucks, earthmovers, construction machinery and scaffolding for renovation and building work.

Our company also benefits from the owner’s several decades of wide-ranging professional experience, and it is our aim to use this knowledge to help us achieve perfect results for our customers every time. To add to this, personal relationships between our workers are excellent. This company is a real team.

We also consider it to be an advantage that our company has succeeded in building friendly connections with its clientele. This has helped us win new clients, since the best advertisement for a company nowadays are the testimonials of satisfied customers.

Our company, which has been working profitably for many years now, has numerous possibilities open to it. We would like to reach as many more potential customers as possible, and provide them with as wide a range of construction services as possible. Ongoing innovation is a requirement of long-term co-operation between company and client.

Making full use of possibilities offered through the tendering process is another important aspect.

Running an enterprise involves risk. This risk could arise from poorly executed work, since a serious mistake could result in serious financial damages. For this reason, our company accepts full financial responsibility, and is insured with the Generali Biztosító Zrt, in addition to taking out C.A.R. insurance on all work done during each new project the company undertakes. This is to reinforce the credibility and reliability of our company. If work is carried with imprecision, without attention being given to  important circumstances, then that will not only cause problems for our client, it will also result in loss of prestige for our company as far as prospective customers are concerned.

Our company’s individuality stems from the fact that we approach a problem from the point of view of the client. We help find the quickest and most cost-effective solutions.  We combine professionalism with practicality. This approach ensures that we complete the work by the deadline, reaching the expected standard. We believe that work completed with a good understanding of our client’s problems is at the heart of our company’s success.

Our motto is:



Our principles:

  • Meticulous and precise work, clean and aesthetic end-results.
  • Where possible, but not at any price, the use of Hungarian materials.
  • Precise and proper dealings with our partners.
  • Protection of the environment. 
  • Commitment to professional improvement and openness to innovation.
  • During recent years, the uncertainty of information regarding the future has grown considerably.

Customers and users placing orders for long-term projects are not only interested in the technical details and expenses laid down in the plans drawn up at the outset. Today, it is just as important to clarify what risk is involved in the plans that are accepted, as well as to what extent future risks can be reduced by modifying plans.

The secret of good long-term co-operation is building a good relationship with clients, which can be achieved through ongoing, open communication. By this, we mean both personal and electronic communication. Good personal connections rely on employees’ interactions with customers, as it is they who meet on an everyday basis. For this reason, we believe it is important how we select our employees, and how they conduct themselves.


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